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Before You Submit

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because we receive a lot of submissions, it may be a long time before your submission appears, if ever. Even if you follow all the rules, your submission is "accepted" by our automated software as a valid submission, and you "confirm" your submission and link-back - you could be still waiting for along time.

Note: We only list sites relating to e-books and information products delivered over the Internet. You may only submit such sites, and should give the URL of the page describing the product.

Please check carefully that your eBook is not already listed before submitting it. In the event that you attempt to list the same eBook more than once, ALL copies of duplicate listings may be removed without notice or warning!

Please note the following rules:
  1. You must be the author of the eBook that you are submitting.

  2. You must have a web page describing the eBook that you are submitting. Please give the exact URL of the page describing the book!

  3. We know you are excited about your eBook but please try to give an informative description which accurately and concisely summarizes your eBook. Check your spelling and punctuation! Avoid excessive or over-blown marketing claims. Do NOT submit all upper case listings.

  4. You must submit valid information, including a valid email address. An important message will be sent to your email address, and you must follow the instructions in this email to be listed.

  5. You must maintain a link back from your web page to this web site (a 125X125 pixel button) in a visible place on your web page at all times. Instructions on how to insert this button will be sent to your email address. Your eBook will be automatically removed from the directory if you remove this button from your web page.

  6. We do NOT list eBooks or web sites relating to, promoting or containing any of the following: nudity, sexual themes, graphic violence, SPAM/bulk e-mail, pyramid schemes, illegal activities, instructions on performing illegal activities, alcohol, tobacco or other kinds of substance abuse, foul language, gambling, material that violates copyrights, warez, hacker/phreaker material, illegal MP3 files, material that attempts to defraud internet advertisers, material that encourages hatred or discrimination based on race, religion, sex, or sexual-orientation.

  7. We reserve the right to refuse any submission without necessarily giving reasons, but if you follow the rules then you most likely will be accepted into the directory.

When You Are Ready To Submit

Be sure to read all of the instructions above, before you submit to the directory.

All listings are completely FREE but you must follow the instructions and give your valid contact e-mail address or you will not be listed!

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  • Do NOT submit if you do not want wish to receive such e-mail.

  • Do NOT enter an invalid or fake e-mail address! You must follow the instructions in the e-mail to become listed.
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