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1. Atomsk And An eBook On Sustainability
A World War Ii Era Spy Novel By Sf Writer Cordwainer Smith And Reflections On Sustainability By Kelly Hart

2. The Chicken Rescue League
When trailer park manager Tina Anderson's boyfriend is found murdered, she becomes the chief suspect. To clear herself, she has to explore the strange worlds of the cockfighting mob, possibly even more dangerous chicken rescue activists, and internet porn

3. Love, Obey, and Betray
Love, Obey, & Betray by Maggie Petru is as good a read as anyone could ever want. A true page turner that is almost impossible to put down. The plot is brilliant and the characters skillfully drawn. Unpredictable events, actually spawned during WW II, tak

4. When the Whirlwind Passes
A sensational story of greed, fashion, romance and murder written by Africa's premier e-novelist. Inspired by the controversial Gucci murder case of the late nineties that rocked the fashion world and set tongues wagging worldwide.

Trailer Park manager Tina Anderson copes with murder and bad hair days--funny and exciting

6. Dunkirk Spirit
The story of the men and women who saved an army and turned the tide of World War Two.

7. Veil of the Goddess
Discovery of the True Cross triggers assassination as the secretive \

8. Salam-Shalom
The Key to Peace - a thriller set in Israel

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